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We provide accommodating services for those with special needs including wheelchair access. Finding a shop you can trust and feel comfortable with can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. At Have a Heart we have taken many steps to ensure that our customers feel the trust and passion for excellence they deserve. Our number one goal is to provide the best service we can for cannabis consumers.

Get Your Grub on at Georgetown Bites

It’s time to discover Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, Georgetown! Founded back in 1851, this neighborhood is very much alive with the sounds of laughter, the smell of delicious foods and a wide array of art to browse. On March 25th, the area will be hosting “Georgetown Bites,” a chance to indulge in the diverse culinary delights from the area in a fun and affordable way. With 27 businesses taking part, perhaps consider wearing something with a forgiving waistband. Of course, we all know what goes good with food. That’s right, cannabis. We at Have a Heart Skyway are stocked up with some of the best marijuana products in the area. Here are a few we like that will kickstart your appetite. Pineapple OG – This is a fairly strong sativa that is said to provide a happy attitude and a sweet body buzz. Orange Cookies – A hybrid, this is the kind of weed that makes you feel floaty and euphoric. A Perfect pick for a leisurely walk amongst all the food options at Georgetown Bites. Gold Hash Infused Pre-roll by Sitka – This joint will take you culinary adventure to the next level. Take a slow draw on this winner before heading to the festival and prepare to get lit. So what are you waiting for? Come check out the shop and see our impressive selection of weed. We have it in all forms, so if you aren’t into smoking, we have vape concentrates, an array of delicious edibles, drinks and even topical solutions. If you have any questions, our awesome and attentive staff will have an answer for... read more

Best April Fools Jokes to Play on Your Stoner Friends

Part of the fun of being alive is being surprised. This is what I tell myself before I prank my friends. You know what goes well with April Fool’s? That’s right…marijuana. The best place to go for treats is “Have a Heart in Bothell, your favorite pot shop. Whether you are just gonna hang out or if you want a peace offering to give your friend after you scare the life out of them, our store is stocked to help you find what you want. We know not everyone has the “gift of prank,” so here are a few of our favorite scares. 1.Insect Lamp – If a pal of you isn’t a fan of bugs, this fairly easy prank will get their heart racing. Print out bug shapes in black, then tape them onto the inside of a lampshade. Wait for a shriek (and hopefully NOT a crash) then bring out the bong and share a bowl of the amazing hybrid called “Snoops Dream,” a perfect strain for relaxing and making amends. 2.Balloon Prank Fake Out – Filling an entire room with balloons is a pretty awesome idea, but a LOT of work…and a LOT of balloons are needed…so why not give minimal effort but still instill the same fear in your prank victim? Inflate enough balloons to cover the window and tape them in place. It will give the illusion the whole room is full. 3.Mix Skittles, M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces – So simple, yet so cruel. If you’ve never done it, eating a Skittle and an M&M at the same time is….an acquired taste and also... read more

Don’t Miss These Belltown Sushi Spots

Looking for a relaxing night out in downtown Seattle? How about stopping by Have a Heart Belltown for some high-end cannabis products then walking a short distance to one of the excellent sushi joints in the area for some colorful grub. Marijuana can take any food to the next level of delicious so why not vape or smoke a bowl of the magical herb as an appetizer to any good meal? If you aren’t familiar with the area, here are a few of our neighbors. Shiros – A 24 year tenant in Belltown, this sushi bar spares you the fancy decor and fixtures and focuses on the art of their food. You can peruse the menu for your favorite rolls and sashimi or you can leave it to the chef. Ohana – Grab a seat at a table or at the bar and take in the Tiki atmosphere of this fun sushi spot. Ohana has an excellent selection of sake and has a great happy hour. No night at Ohana is boring with their rotating schedule of nightly entertainment. Karaoke, Live DJs and Live Island music fill this place with laughter and smiles. Wasabi Sushi & Izakaya – Wasabi is green, cannabis is green….it must mean something! Wasabi focuses more on modern, fusion food but also has a great selection of sashimi and rolls. Be sure to check out this restaurant’s bar menu for some delicious specialty cocktails. With so little sun in our area, we need to remember to get out and live once in awhile. A sushi and marijuana nightout won’t bring us a tropical breeze, but... read more

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