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We provide accommodating services for those with special needs including wheelchair access. Finding a shop you can trust and feel comfortable with can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. At Have a Heart we have taken many steps to ensure that our customers feel the trust and passion for excellence they deserve. Our number one goal is to provide the best service we can for cannabis consumers.

Ganja for the Gathering of Guilds at Seattle Airport Marriott

It’s that time of year again to pull out your armor, your bodices and your dragon-slaying swords and head to Seatac this weekend for RustyCon. Not familiar with this long-standing cosplay, sci-fi and fantasy Convention? Well, maybe it’s time to smoke a J, seek out and discover! RustyCon boasts a series of panels featuring the best authors and artisans of costuming, an art show and a marketplace with booksellers, blade makers, woodworkers and more! This event is family friendly, so dress up the little ones and bring them along. The organizers behind this event do their utmost to make sure there is something of interest for everyone. This years theme is “A Gathering of the Guilds,” so who will you be representing? Dragon Riders’, Assassins’, Bardic, Magicians’, Artisans’, Alchemists’, Scribes’, and Adventurer’s, or a combination thereof? RustyCon is all about using your imagination to create new realms and new realities. With cosplay, you can become whomever you wish. Don’t hold back while creating your character. Let your freak flag fly! In preparation for this fantastic event, be sure to stop by Have a Heart Skyway. Just 20 minutes from the Marriott, Have a Heart is the perfect stop for all your cannabis needs. Pick a sativa strain for an energetic, cerebral high or an indica if you’re a little TOO excited to done your new identity or if you just want an extra hand in relaxation. Have a Heart Skyway is the one stop shop for all your weed needs. We have an impressive selection of flower, concentrates, edibles and topical solutions at great and competitive prices. We are... read more

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