Getting High in July with Friends

Getting High in July with Friends

Good news! On July 23rd cannabis consumers in Washington State will legally be allowed to share cannabis products with each other! It is kind of weird to think that the law had to be changed to let someone pass a doobie to a friend, even when weed was already legalized, but here we are. The government still hasn’t legalized all possession of cannabis, so while passing a joint to your partner will be considered legal, giving them a pound of weed will still be illegal. Even if it’s for free. So, what does this break down to as far as legal purchasing limits of different cannabis products go?

Flower – 1 ounce

Blue Dream from Clandestine $15 per gram

Narnia from Soulshine $12 per gram

Strawberry Switchblade $160 per half ounce

Edibles – 16 ounces

Cannabees CBD Honey 100mg from Swift $35

Indica Brownie from Spot $10

Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie from Goodship $8

Concentrates – 7 grams

9lb Hammer Honey Crystal Wax from Oleum $30 per half gram

CBD 1:1 Cartridge from Fairwinds $40 per half gram

Sour Tangie from Happy Cat $40 per half gram

Liquids – 72 ounces

Rainier Cherry Liquid Joy 10mg Tonic from Legal Beverages for $6

Strawberry Lemonade THC/CBD 60mg from Cannabis Quencher $25

Toca Cola 60mg from Loaded Soda $21


These numbers also coincide with the legal limit for purchases at all of our locations as well. While it will still be illegal to pass the bong on July 4th this year, it will be legal to pass your parents an edible on July 23rd, which is Parents Day in the US. So, enjoy getting legally stoned with the ‘rents this year and remember that even though cannabis has been “legalized” here in Washington state, it’s important to stay involved in local politics that make passing joints possible.


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