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Cannabis and the ER: How Weed Can Land You in the Hospital

Legalization means positive things for cannabis enthusiasts: access to clean, safely handled weed being just one of many. One little-discussed upside is that in cannabis-legal states, those who’ve gone one (or more) tokes over the line can get quick medical help without fear of arrest. A just-published review points to the top reasons cannabis side effects land people in the emergency room (ER). Before we dive in, it’s worth taking a step back and recognizing that even a few years ago, being high while visiting the ER was cause for real anxiety, never mind the actual cause for the visit, such as a potentially life-threatening injury! We’d like to point out that even in states where cannabis isn’t yet legal, hospitals typically don’t report suspected or admitted drug use to the police unless the staff is concerned that a life may be in danger. One of the many positive benefits of increasing legalization is that patients can now get what they need—qualified medical help—without the fear of arrest or censure. Cannabis Side Effects: When Being High Makes You Feel Low That said, for all its positive health benefits, there are some adverse cannabis side effects. Here are a few of the major reasons it can lead to an unintended trip to the ER. Acute Intoxication We get the eternal soft-rock hit “One Toke Over the Line” courtesy of Brewer & Shipley, but real cannabis overdoses are considerably less fun. Though it would be close to impossible to fatally overdose on cannabis, consuming too much—as often occurs when inexperienced cannabis users ingest too many edibles without waiting for them to take effect—cannabis side effects include... read more

The Oz Effect: Will Talking Marijuana Health Benefits on Fox Energize Conservatives?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the popular surgeon and television personality, brought cannabis under the spotlight recently on Fox & Friends. Dr. Oz suggested increasing cannabis use to fight the opioid crisis. How did his “Fox & Friends” hosts (and viewers) react, and could cannabis be the unifying force many Americans say they desperately want? If we as a nation are politically divided, we’re much less so when it comes to marijuana health benefits: a recent poll shows close to two-thirds of Americans support both recreational and medical cannabis. So what effect might Dr. Oz’s endorsement have? First, let’s look at his choice of audience for his strongly pro-cannabis remarks. Fox & (Cannabis-Unfriendly) Friends? The good doctor chose a controversial platform from which to talk about potential marijuana health benefits. In the past, Fox & Friends’ guests have skewed markedly anti-cannabis. In a clip from August 2017, Kathy Barnette—the host of Truth Exchange, a conservative radio show—came to comment on a CDC study indicating that middle-aged parents are more likely to use cannabis than their teenaged children. During her short interview, Barnette displayed a keen lack of understanding of cannabis’ potential to help curb the opioid crisis. She seemed to be assuming that cannabis users turn to the drug to enhance the experience of opioid intoxication: “We have an opiate as well as a mental-health disorder crisis in our nation right now, and many people are self-medicating and masking it.” Thus far, some data indicates that cannabis is much more likely to be an “exit drug” from opioids rather than a prelude to it. Barnette also seemed alarmed with cannabis’s growing popularity. In that... read more

Pets and Cannabis: Vets and Animal Lovers Turning to CBD for Safe Pain Relief

Cannabis is still a hot-button issue in this country (even if a clear majority of Americans support its decriminalization). But what if we change the topic from cannabis for people to cannabis for pets? Surprisingly, the picture starts to look pretty darn clear: CBD oil for pets can be an effective option for pain and anxiety relief. Earlier this year, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA)—the pre-eminent veterinarians’ group in the U.S.—approved a resolution to begin advocating for federal rescheduling. They argued that cannabis’ therapeutic effects on both humans and animals far outweigh its risks. Along those lines, growing numbers of veterinarian and clinician groups have called to reclassify cannabis as a Schedule II drug. If that happens, it would open the door to more research funding and more impactful findings. So, why should we give our pets cannabis in the first place? And what kind is safe? Read on, animal lovers! CBD Oil For Pets If you’re in a cannabis-legal state, maybe you’ve seen advertisements for “CBD Oil For Pets” in local pet shops. That’s because CBD—or cannabidiol—is non-psychoactive, so pet stores can sell it without being licensed dispensaries. CBD is recognized for a long list of therapeutic qualities. It reduces pain, inflammation, and anxiety, it’s an antioxidant, and it even helps fight certain cancers. Of course, pets suffer from these conditions just like we do, and some owners have been treating their pets with cannabis for years. Using CBD oil for pets is especially popular around challenging times of the year like July 4th, when America’s love affair with explosions takes a real emotional toll on our... read more