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Bongs and Books: Cannabis Book Clubs are the Next Big Thing

Winter is coming, and Samwell Tarly isn’t the only one who’s excited to hunker down with a stack of books. Here at Have a Heart Bothell, we’ve been hearing a lot about the next big thing: stoner book clubs. Though book clubs are traditionally associated with copious amounts of wine, happy Bothell club members report that passing the bong creates the perfect atmosphere for philosophical discussion, deep analysis, and, of course, laughing your head off. 

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That’s Right, Weed Weddings are Totally a Thing Now

Cannabis weddings are now a growth industry with the attendant specialists, consultants, wedding planners, and budtenders. And traditional wedding industry professionals like caterers and photographers are cashing in on the phenomenon by advertising their services as “cannabis friendly.” But this is just the first wave.

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