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Beginners Guide: How to Dab Concentrates

Ah, how to dab! If you’ve never dabbed before, prepare yourself. Not only is dabbing way more potent than smoking flower, the first time you dab, your initial drag may be way too big and way too hot. Don’t be surprised if you start coughing like Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express!

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What Is CBD Oil? 7 Common Myths, Fact vs. Fiction

There’s been a huge amount of positive coverage of CBD oil in the media. The oil’s primary ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD) has been touted as a “wonder drug,” “miracle drug,” even a “panacea.” Such subjective claims may be too hyperbolic for scientific literature, but there’s no disputing the therapeutic versatility of CBD (and CBD oil); it is an incredible drug. But, what is CBD oil? And, what are some of the common myths about CBD?

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