Get On Board With the Have a Heart Loyalty Program!

Get On Board With the Have a Heart Loyalty Program!

Aside from stocking a fantastic selection of the Northwest’s best cannabis products, there’s one thing all of our lovely locations have in common — tons of loyal regulars! Of course, our customers expect nothing but the best, so when we devised the Have a Heart Loyalty Program we went out of our way to make sure it hit all the marks. And at the risk of patting ourselves on the back? We’re pretty sure we did. The only thing we’d do differently? We would have launched it sooner!

Because the friendly folks at Have a Heart know how awesome loyalty programs can be. From the coffee cards our favorite baristas punch, to the ones we get for pizza slices and soup at PCC, we just love them. So we’re obviously stoked we can offer similar benefits to our regular customers. Now, at this point, you’re probably wondering exactly how the have a Heart Loyalty Program works, which is totally reasonable. And you know what else is totally reasonable? The fact that — like many of our favorite folks — you’re completely high as a kite at Gasworks Park off of our delicious edibles, fragrant flower, or choice concentrates.  So we’ll just lay out the bones of the program so they’re crystal clear:

  • Free to sign up
  • There’s no tracking card to lose, because you use your phone number as your customer id
  • No one from Have a Heart will ever call or text you
  • Ever $1 you spend is a point
  • Every 10 points equals $1 off your purchase
  • The maximum discount is 20% off
  • Just signing up means you get 10% off your first purchase
  • You can earn points at every Have a Heart shop
  • Because we love you, we’ll round up on your purchases, so you get the greatest reward

So what are you waiting for exactly? Do you just like throwing money away? Ask about the Have a Heart Loyalty Program next time you come into one of our shops! We can’t wait to get you signed up!

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