High Art: Weed Manicures are Here and They’re Totally Crazy

High Art: Weed Manicures are Here and They’re Totally Crazy

As we all know, it’s not legal to smoke weed in public in Washington state. But here’s a question…Is it legal to wear it in public? We’re asking because we may just need to get on board with the latest Internet beauty trend: weed manicures. No, we don’t mean tiny paintings of pot leaves. We mean actual pot leaves embedded in your fingernail. Nail artists have created a wide range of styles, from tiny fan-leaves showcased in clear resin to glitter nails that incorporate green flecks of shake. Some artists have gone so far as to augment the weed with rhinestones and tiny gold pot leaves, while others take a classier approach and use the cannabis to add spice to a simple French manicure.

If that sounds crazy to you, fasten your seat belts! Nail artist Tracylee does manicures that actually smoke. She first went viral on 4/20 when she posted a video clip of her latest creation: a homage to Snoop Dogg. The artist’s portrait was rendered on a fingernail with a lit joint protruding from the surface. Yes, you heard us correctly.

“I basically just found an image of him on Google,” Tracylee told Fashionista. “Ever since I was young, I’ve had this ability where I can re-create any image on a piece of paper. On a nail it takes me a little longer to get the scale right, so from concept to finish it probably took about eight hours. I sketched it out in pencil first on the nail, and then I used a fine-tipped marker instead of polish. I sprayed it with a polyurethane first, then topped it with a high-shine topcoat.” Adding the lit joint was an additional challenge.

“That was a little tricky,” she said. “I created the blunt using typical rolling papers. I had to get the scale right; you have to think about how small that was. So it was really hard to get the circle to stay closed.”

Snoop was her second stab at the art form — Jimi Hendrix got top billing.

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*Have a Heart does not condone any fashions that break Washington state marijuana laws. Keep those nails indoors!

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