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Marijuana for Sleep: How to Choose The Right Strain

It’s true. Pharmaceuticals aren’t necessary. You can use marijuana for sleep and beat your insomnia to get better sleep.

But how? And now that we have approximately 437,872 choices of cannabis of available, which strains work best?

We’ll give you 3 rules for choosing a strain to help you beat your insomnia, along with our top 4 strains for getting quality Zzzzzzzz’s.

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Get Your Munchies On: 5 Cheap Picks for Dining High in Bothell

Okay, we’re pretty sure you don’t need to be convinced that the munchies are real anymore, right? (Though if you’re at all curious, the science behind eating high is pretty darn fascinating.)

Instead, let’s focus on a more immediate question: What are some great places to eat while stoned?

We’re not talking about junk food, either. At Have a Heart, we think cannabis is just one element in a healthy, happy and engaged lifestyle. So just like we don’t think lunch should be a bag of chips and a soda, we’re all about treating your body—and your mind—to healthful, fun and nourishing food. Check out 5 of our favorite Bothell places to eat while stoned. 

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5 Best Strains to Give You An Emotional Lift

Although spring is here, it can still be a bit gloomy and cold here yet in Bothell. Luckily, cannabis is here to help. Here are 5 cannabis strains that make you laugh and bring you into a rosy, warm state of being. Welcome spring with a smile and some giggles that will melt away your boredom and blues.

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