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Flower1g for $103.5g for $337g for $6214g for $12028g for $225
Prerolls4 for $20 (1g prerolls)$8 1g Firecrackers$40 10g Mega Rolls
Concentrates$25 Sticky Frog full gram dabs$30 Dabstract full gram dabs$25 half gram, $50 full gram THCa dabs$20 half gram, $39 full gram HTE dabs$25 half gram, $50 full gram CBD crystalline dabs$40 half gram, $65 full gram THC crystalline dabs
Vape Cartridges$21 half gram CBD and THC Panda Pen Cartridges$28 half gram Platinum Pen Cartridges$35 full gram CBD and THC Panda Pen Cartridges
EdiblesHot Sugar 100mg Packs $12Panda Candies 100mg Packs $13Fruit Drops 100mg Packs $18Caramel and Chocolate 100mg Packs $18Panda Chews 100mg Packs $22