Cheers! 5 Unique Bars Around Belltown WA

Gather your friends and get some much needed relief from the daily stressors of life. We highlight 5 favorite Belltown WA Bars. Each pub has its own unique atmosphere – whether it be the selection, bartender’s personality, or the theme. Dive in and learn more about these unique Belltown WA bars.

Top 5 Unique Belltown WA Bars

Some Random Bar

One of the more popular bars in Belltown, Some Random Bar rarely disappoints.  Patrons rave about the creative and tasty selection of cocktails.  Not in the mood for a mixed drink? You can find a good selection of wine and craft beer here as well.

That’s not all, they also serve some top-notch food.  Among the favorites are the crab nachos and flaky garlic pull-apart bread.  This place has all you could ask for in a cocktail bar.

Rabbit Hole

This bar boasts cheap brews, food, and entertainment for everyone.  Grab a generously priced beer and then test your knowledge with trivia on Mondays or show off your arm with Skee Ball tournaments on Tuesday.

Hungry?  Traditional bar grub, sandwiches and burgers are available.  The nachos and jalapeno poppers come highly recommended.

To top it all off, customers particularly enjoy the atmosphere and friendly service.

Jupiter Bar

One of the more unique bars you’ll find in Belltown, Jupiter Bar combines art with good beer and pinball.  Yep, you read that right. The walls are lined with pinball machines and beautiful murals.  If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even catch live art being created.

This atmosphere is only improved by the extremely personable staff and delectable sandwiches.  If you’re Belltown, check this bar out.

Bathtub Gin & Co.

Shhh, follow me. Bathtub Gin & Co is a mostly unadvertised gem with an ambiance that only speakeasies can deliver.

Finding this place may be a challenge (look for the wooden door) but once you do you’ll be charmed by its intimate feel.  The decor is relaxing, you’ll be surrounded by brick walls and wooden furniture.

Sipping on a variety of quality whisky, gin, beer, and wine as you chat with friends in an old-timey English accent seems appropriate.


A carnival-themed dive bar?  Unless you have a crippling fear of clowns, I say why not.  Shorty’s is a spacious no nonsense experience with cheap beer and some of the best hot dogs in Belltown.

After you’ve filled your appetite and have a drink in your hand, head over to the wide assortment of pinball machines and play to your heart’s content.  The machines are functioning perfectly and will bring back nostalgia for anyone old enough to remember arcades.

Belltown has a lot to offer.  If your favorite drinking establishment didn’t make the list, comment and let us know!  As for your cannabis needs, check out our store.  Beer and marijuana actually pair quite well with each other.

And as always, please drink responsibly.

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