Mean, Green, and From Outer Space — the Best Lil Mayo Memes

Mean, Green, and From Outer Space — the Best Lil Mayo Memes

Today, Have a Heart Bothell, your out-of-this-world provider of legal weed in Washington, is here to share with you the story of Lil Mayo, an alien who’s never far from the party and is always riding high. Now obviously, everyone is going to have an opinion about the best Lil Mayo memes — but these are some of our favorites.

This one from late September, 2015 has our hero sparking a blunt and absolutely killing it on the basketball court. Lil Mayo proves that marijuana might actually be a performance enhancing drug as some of those shots are out of this world.

On 4/20 of 2017, Lil Mayo posted the exact feeling of what it’s like to be the one who passed out at the party. Without your wits about you and not knowing just what in the hell went on after you rolled through the door, you wake up to all of your crew staring at you on the ground.
I mean, yeah, it was probably a killer party, but just what the hell went on?

Lil Mayo definitely knows how to grow a good stash. While we can’t tell from the pictures if he’s working on Indica or Sativa, that crop is, most definitely, dank.

We’re not, Lil Mayo, but dammit do we soon hope to be.

What’s your favorite Lil Mayo meme? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to swing by Have a Heart Bothell to browse the best selection of fine, legal, Washington state marijuana flowers, concentrates and edibles that Bothell has to offer.

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