Bang for the Buck: Best Weed Deals at Have a Heart Skyway

Bang for the Buck: Best Weed Deals at Have a Heart Skyway

Here at Have a Heart, we believe that all people have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And to us, the pursuit of happiness is a lot easier with the right supplies. But not everyone can afford an $18 gram. Which is why we make sure our menu includes good deals so that all  our customers walk away with a smile. So looking for the best weed deals? We currently have some especially great deals at our Skyway pot shop:

Pre-Rolled Joints

Down to your last $5? We carry a ton of pre-rolled joints in this price range, including The Truth, Sugar Mama, Sour Tsunami, Snoop’s Dream, and 9lb Hammer. If you’ve got slightly more to spend, you might consider a two pack ($10) of Blue Dream pre-rolls from Artizen–it’s classic for a reason.

Cannabis Edibles

Have a Heart offers our finest cannabis edibles in single packs for just $3, including Apple Caramels and Butterscotch Pebbles from Magic Kitchen; Black Cherry and Blue Raspberry Pebbles from Northwest Cannabis Solutions; and Caramel Sugar from Phat Panda.

Cannabis Flower

The White

If you’re a Costco or Cash n’ Carry type (aka a shopper who doesn’t mind buying in bulk to get a way better deal), you’ll want to check out The White from Dama. Pony up $150 and you walk away with 25 grams, which comes out to about $5.30 per gram. As a bonus, this potent strain derives its name from an abundance of crystals–these buds look like they’re rolled in sugar. Talk about a sweet deal!

Carl Sagan from Mad Mark

Pay homage to the great astronomer and cannabis activist while simultaneously saving money and getting high. What could be better? This hybrid strain delivers balance and a cerebral buzz with 18.3% THC, leaving you enhanced yet totally functional. Bonus points for the sweet flavor of tropical fruit and the excellent price tag: at $4 a gram, this is the best deal in town.

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