Blunt Instruments: Three of Our Favorite Blunt Wraps

Blunt Instruments: Three of Our Favorite Blunt Wraps

There are so many different ways to consume legal marijuana in Washington state – from bongs to joints to edibles to topicals, pretty much any way you can think of to get that sweet, sweet THC from the marijuana plant into your system is a valid way to get stoned. And sometimes, sometimes you just want to roll up a big, fat blunt and pass it around a circle with your best buds. With almost as many different blunt wraps as there are other ways to smoke weed, here are our three favorite blunt wraps for any occasion.

  1. Swisher Sweets – These are the old standbys, the classics, the go-tos of blunt aficionados. Available at nearly every head shop and gas station in the Bothell area, Swishers are easy to split and repack with some of that fine, green sticky icky, and they taste great too!
  2. Backwoods Wild n Mild Cigars – Also a classic, these wraps can prove to be a little heavy on the tobacco, but are sturdy, cheap and completely dependable. They’re a little more difficult to roll than some of your other options, but you’ll be rewarded with an even burn and solid smoke session.
  3. Entourage Wraps – If you don’t even want to deal with the tobacco in a prerolled cigar, you can go for an Entourage wrap. At two to a package, they’re super economical, and incredibly easy to fill and seal. You’ll go from grinding to smoking in just a matter of minutes, the ease of use cannot be beat.

It all comes down to personal preference, and with the rise of legal, recreational marijuana in Washington state, your choices are almost endless. From classic tobacco to fruit flavored hollow wraps, it’s best to mix and match strains and wraps to find that perfect zen of substance and taste to toke your cares away.

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