Have a Heart Skyway Suggests: Check Out the Skyway Outdoor Theater

Have a Heart Skyway Suggests: Check Out the Skyway Outdoor Theater

While the Skyway area of Seattle might not be on the top of a tourist “places to see” list, it definitely has a few things going for it. Not only is our weed shop open and ready to give you the hottest deals on recreational 21+ cannabis, but during the summer, the Skyway Outdoor Cinema lights up August nights with weekly showings of movies voted on by those who go. So stock up on flower, edibles, and concentrates at Have a Heart Skyway to make sure you’re properly prepped!

This year the movies chosen are: Moana, E.T., Fantastic Beasts and Star Wars: Rogue One. That’s four Fridays of relaxing outdoor fun. As you can tell from the titles, this is a family friendly event and also in public, so enjoy your cannabis before you show up. Show up behind the Skyway 7-Eleven in the US Bank parking lot, peruse the choice of food trucks serving up yummy snacks, exciting pre-show trivia, prizes and more. With bean bags, beach chairs and food allowed, this is virtually like taking your living room outside. Watch Star Wars while staring at the stars! Perhaps the emotional aspects of E.T. will in turn, have you phoning home.

Oftentimes there is a costume contest or some sort of other fun attached the viewing, depending on what movie is showing. It’s an immersive experience for the amazing low price of FREE. That’s right, Free. That price opens up a little extra cash to spend at your favorite Skyway weed shop, Have a Heart. We always have deals on pre-rolls and high quality cannabis products.

Summer is filled with a variety of great ways to spend your time. While your apartment is probably super chill, a chance to get stoned but still get some fresh air and enjoy a movie while wrapped in blankets sounds pretty heavenly. Be sure to come by and say hi to your friends at Have a Heart Skyway on your way there.

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