Corporate Cannabis — These Companies Support Legal Weed

Corporate Cannabis — These Companies Support Legal Weed

Times sure have changed. Even just a few years ago we all just pretended a bong was for tobacco use only and you told your parents that the 420 you etched into the front of your binder was just your locker number.

But in today’s world of legal, recreational marijuana the excellent life choices the voters of places like Seattle, Denver, and California have led to a THC-infused renaissance of stoner friendly companies who definitely understand that your red eyes aren’t just allergies. Take Jack in the Box, for instance.

The fact that there isn’t a bong on the table is baffling, but they totally get it. Sometimes you just want two tacos, a Sourdough Jack, an Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich, and order of curly fries, an order of onion rings and a large Oreo shake at 1:00 am, and as far as Jack’s concerned that’s A-OK with him.

But maybe leaving the house after a dab session from Have A Heart’s excellent selection of concentrates and wax isn’t an option. Fear not my fellow agoraphobes, because Totino’s knows what’s what.

And they aren’t shy about it either. If we ever get to the point that 4/20 becomes a national holiday, it’s safe to say that Totino’s Pizza Rolls are going to be the official snack.

What about dessert though? Like, we could really go for some sort of frozen, delicious creamy treat. But wouldn’t you know it, the dishwasher’s running and we don’t have anything to serve said delicious, frozen creamy treats in. If only there was a better way…

Yup. They get it. This is definitely one of those times that they totally know, and that’s totally okay.

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