Experience Something Different … The Blind Café in Seattle

Where do we sign up for The Blind Café? This is the answer to a problem we didn’t even know you had. How present are we in our day-to-day world of competing stimuli?  When was the last time any of us ate dinner without our phones or TVs or some other distraction pulling us from the present? Have you had a heart-to-heart with your significant other/roommate/partner over dinner, uninterrupted in the past six months?

While we don’t necessarily advocate for sensory deprivation, we do think it’s a cool idea to eat in the dark with a special someone or group of friends we feel close to. What good can come of dining in the dark, you may be wondering. And we don’t blame you. What good can come of it is you may just have the type of high-quality intimate experience in a communal place that can quite possibly affect you in positive ways that might just lead to the realization that it would do you good to unplug more!

Since 2010, The Blind Café has “popped-up” in cities all over the globe in an effort to instill positive social change and shed new light on waking up its patrons to begin to catch on to their messages, like, for starters, how about focusing on just one thing at a time and practicing being fully present?

We dig it, we dig yoga and meditation, why not the Blind Café? Seasoned cannabis smokers will want to ramp up the experience by being super stoned to make it that much more meta. You can sneak down the street and get your smoke from Have A Heart Greenwood. This Seattle pot shop is no stranger to mind expansion and exploring sensual stimuli, but with the assistance of a growing menu of cannabis-infused inventory and prime herb, some slick shatter and dab, marijuana capsules, you name it, they have it. You can take in your favorite THC or CBD source via edible yummies, flowers and pre-rolls, you can drink it in a tonic, or rub it into your skin with a topical. Spray it right down your throat with a  cannabis-infused breath spray – get high and have good breath doing it!

With Have a Heart Marijuana in Greenwood, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Explore all Greenwood marijuana menu options here. We’ll see you before you go, and we’ll leave the lights on.



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