Make Valentine’s Day Special in Seattle with Open Table

Make Valentine’s Day Special in Seattle with Open Table

You’re in luck, you’re in love. But, your flame may dim if you don’t pull an Ace out of your sleeve this Valentine’s Day. Don’t overthink it. Keep it classic. Just do drinks and dinner, and leave the evening open for … whatever comes next.

We might not know what the end of the night entails for you but we do know the beginning should start with a run to Have A Heart Belltown. Valentine’s Day without weed is like peanut butter without jelly. Hard to swallow.

Run–don’t walk—to the best little pot shop in the Belltown and South Lake Union areas of Seattle. Get stoked! If you’re looking for strains that stoke the fires and have been known to stimulate romantic interludes, the following strains should come from their own category: Cupid’s Cannabis. They are: AK-47, Banana Kush, Candy Kush, Cherry Pie, El Fuego, Electric Lemon, Easy Rider, Jesus OG, Rascal Berries, and Suzy Q.

If you’re a multi-tasker, you can focus on getting the hooch and booking reservations downtown now to your special Valentine’s Day feast, made possible by Open Table. The following restaurants currently have room — but hurry — they’re filling up fast. Best to reserve, STAT!

Tavolata | 2323 Second Avenue in Belltown
Get cozy with your special someone at the communal table, with this very special Italian Valentine’s Day Meal in four courses that come with optional wine pairings, for $80. Stop to consider these crazy pasta dishes with names that are unpronounceable, like Rigatoni, Casarecce and Conchiglie.

This is a stoner’s paradise. Carbs, what carbs?

Poppy’s | 622 Broadway East
If you’re paramour is health-conscious and likes to nosh vegetarian style, Poppy is worth the cab fair up to this lively section of North Capital Hill. Eat sustainable and local fresh ingredients from award-winning chef Jerry Traunfeld. The main draw at Poppy’s is the thali, which is a bunch of small dishes served together, and what discerning stoner doesn’t enjoy a tantalizing feast with such offerings as the Chickpea cakes with cauliflower mushrooms (with pumpkin Thai basil soup, nigella-poppy naan and fennel and mint pickle)? Your date will appreciate your bravado and willingness to try new things, earning you brownie points that can be validated a littler later.

Lark | 952 E. Seneca Street
Make reservations for a special prix fixe four-course sinful menu, with choices like Kusshi oysters, Kale and frisee salad, or foie gras for the first course; Burrata traingoli, egg yolk risotto for the second course; and a third course selection of Daurade, or Wagyu hanger steak, and lest we forget sumptuous deserts like coconut and makrut lime sorbet, tres leches cake, or cinnamon sugar churros.

Who wants seconds?

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