Weed the People: A Salute to Our Commanders in Kief

Weed the People: A Salute to Our Commanders in Kief

In honor of President’s Day and more importantly those who get to take the day off, Have a Heart – Bothell, has Strains, Flowers Edibles and Potables ready to make you stand up (but not too quickly) and salute Bothell’s best recreational pot and living in state where you’re free to smoke up.

Grab your red, white and blue rolling papers and pipes ‘cause it’s about to get Presidential up in here!

Our 39th President Jimmy Carter, a former peanut farmer, was the most openly weed friendly Prez till Barak came to town. He even “allegedly” got high on the roof of the White House with Willie Nelson, which gives him the most stoner cred ever. While we suggest staying off the roof, you can still raise it with a Hybrid Peanut Butter Bar (10mg) from Swift, Green Labs for $8  a single.

In honor of our 40th President, Ronnie Regan, whose wife led the crusade  “just say no” Have a Heart Bothell invites you to say “Hell ya” to some Memory Loss Rosin from Liberty Reach with a whopping 67.1% THC ($25 .5g  $45 1g) count will have you feeling much like “Old Dutch” in  his last term and reaching for the jelly beans.

Many Strains bear his name, but there is only one Presidential OG, and that’s number #44. We invite you to Barack and Roll with this Prez OG from Jackpot Seaweed that will have a calm and mellow like that man himself from Liberty Reach with 16.6% THC- and provides you with “affordable care” for $10 1g and $35 3.5g

Love him or hate him here are a few ways to help you survive #45. Go ahead and try:

White Russian –  Flower from Dama , 17.0% THC, 0.2% CBD $35 3.5g.

Lemonade Quencher- 30mg from Cannabis Quencher, Evergreen Herbal $15 a single.

Alien Orange Cookies Pre-Roll 8pk- From The Soil, Washington’s Best with 16.8% THC, $30.8g

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