Get Your Grub on at Georgetown Bites

Get Your Grub on at Georgetown Bites

It’s time to discover Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, Georgetown! Founded back in 1851, this neighborhood is very much alive with the sounds of laughter, the smell of delicious foods and a wide array of art to browse. On March 25th, the area will be hosting “Georgetown Bites,” a chance to indulge in the diverse culinary delights from the area in a fun and affordable way. With 27 businesses taking part, perhaps consider wearing something with a forgiving waistband. Of course, we all know what goes good with food. That’s right, cannabis. We at Have a Heart Skyway are stocked up with some of the best marijuana products in the area. Here are a few we like that will kickstart your appetite.

Pineapple OG – This is a fairly strong sativa that is said to provide a happy attitude and a sweet body buzz.

Orange Cookies – A hybrid, this is the kind of weed that makes you feel floaty and euphoric. A Perfect pick for a leisurely walk amongst all the food options at Georgetown Bites.

Gold Hash Infused Pre-roll by Sitka – This joint will take you culinary adventure to the next level. Take a slow draw on this winner before heading to the festival and prepare to get lit.

So what are you waiting for? Come check out the shop and see our impressive selection of weed. We have it in all forms, so if you aren’t into smoking, we have vape concentrates, an array of delicious edibles, drinks and even topical solutions. If you have any questions, our awesome and attentive staff will have an answer for you and assistance until you find what you want.

When cannabis and food meet, an explosion of flavors and feelings meld into a unforgettable experience. Let Have a Heart Skyway get you on your way to this parade for your palate.

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