Great Places to Watch the Sunset in Seattle

Great Places to Watch the Sunset in Seattle

Late summer brings some of the best sunsets of the year, and we love watching the sunset in Seattle. The Olympic mountain range rising up to the sky provides a stunning backdrop for the sun’s goodnight over Elliot Bay — it’s just magical. At Have a Heart in Belltown, we love smoking up and heading out to watch the sunset. Swing by downtown Seattle’s best pot shop to stock up on the best strains of Pacific Northwest marijuana – and make your sunset experience even more magical.

Here are a few of the best spots to watch the sunset in downtown Seattle  – and our favorite strains to smoke with the setting sun.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Perched above Elliot Bay – this free sculpture park is a great spot to appreciate art and nature. With a stunning view, and lots of spots to sit, this park is our top pick for the best place to watch the sunset in downtown Seattle.


  • Carl Sagan Mad Mark Farms – 15.6% THC – starts at $15 for 1g
  • Hindu Kush Clandestine – 20.3% THC – starts at $15 for 1g
  • MGK Firebros – 22.1% THC – starts at $33 for 2g

The Seattle Great Wheel

Catch the sunset from the tallest Ferris wheel on the West Coast. With an overall height of 175 feet, the Seattle Great Wheel is at Pier 57 at 1301 Alaskan Way and costs just $14 for adults, and $12 for seniors.


  • Optimus Prime Highland Gardens – 14.7% THC – starts at $15 for 1g
  • Purple Afghani Top Shelf – 11.1% THC – starts at $40 for 3.5g
  • Angel Cake Noble Farms — 25.3% THC – starts at $12 for 1g

If you’re looking for other ways to achieve the perfect high for Seattle sunsets, swing by Have a Heart in Belltown at 115 Blanchard Street. The best marijuana shop in downtown Seattle has vaping supplies, pre-rolled joints, tons of cannabis edibles, shatter wax, dabbing supplies and more! Browse our online menu to check out all of our marijuana offerings. And, you can even order online for same day pick up! We’re open from 8am to 11:45pm seven days a week.

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