Berner is Making Edibles — Get Ready for Cookies by Cookies

Berner is Making Edibles — Get Ready for Cookies by Cookies

Yup, Cookies by Cookies  are actually a thing. What a time to be alive. Cookies has been called the biggest brand in weed. Nugs from the famous San Francisco dispensary are just a small (but of course vital) element in the Cookies empire. You can buy Cookies brand rolling trays, rolling boxes, mini vacuum sealers, Cookies Hemp20 infused water, Cookies ashtrays, Cookies backpacks, and, of course, mountains of Cookies clothing, from hoodies to baseball jerseys.  So it makes sense that the Cookies brand would release actual… cookies. For the past few months, Cookies has been dropping tantalizing hints about the upcoming release of their line of cannabis-infused edibles.

Cookies by Cookies

So do Berner’s edibles live up to the hype? Here at Have a Heart, we’ve assembled a board of estimable experts in the field of cannabis edibles. This crew has sampled every snack on the market — from Willie’s Reserve almond chocolates to Magic Kitchen’s sweet and sour cherry Marmas. Hey, someone’s got to do it! Needless to say, we don’t carry a brand unless it passes muster. So short answer? Yes, Cookies by Cookies are awesome!

Let’s start with the packaging. As usual, Cookies hits the mark with the branding. The cool blue-and-white boxes are neatly-designed and appealingly simple. Inside, the cookies are individually wrapped. When opened, they give off a fresh, promising aroma.

The chewy starmel doodle is obviously made by stoners for stoners. Sticky, sweet, delectable, with a dash of cinnamon and just an alluring hint of cannabis flavor. Our team of experts chowed through a box in no time and seemed hungry for more. And the high? A solid buzz of the uplifting and euphoric variety. No complaints there!

At this point our judgment might have been slightly clouded by the onset of munchies, but the strawberry shortcake cookies did not disappoint. Delectable white chocolate chips in a wafer-thin strawberry cookie? Yes, please!

Cookies by Cookies…In Washington, available exclusively at Have a Heart. Swing by your favorite Bothell pot shop to pick up a box.











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