Best April Fools Jokes to Play on Your Stoner Friends

Best April Fools Jokes to Play on Your Stoner Friends

Part of the fun of being alive is being surprised. This is what I tell myself before I prank my friends. You know what goes well with April Fool’s? That’s right…marijuana. The best place to go for treats is “Have a Heart in Bothell, your favorite pot shop. Whether you are just gonna hang out or if you want a peace offering to give your friend after you scare the life out of them, our store is stocked to help you find what you want. We know not everyone has the “gift of prank,” so here are a few of our favorite scares.

1.Insect Lamp – If a pal of you isn’t a fan of bugs, this fairly easy prank will get their heart racing. Print out bug shapes in black, then tape them onto the inside of a lampshade. Wait for a shriek (and hopefully NOT a crash) then bring out the bong and share a bowl of the amazing hybrid called “Snoops Dream,” a perfect strain for relaxing and making amends.

2.Balloon Prank Fake Out – Filling an entire room with balloons is a pretty awesome idea, but a LOT of work…and a LOT of balloons are needed…so why not give minimal effort but still instill the same fear in your prank victim? Inflate enough balloons to cover the window and tape them in place. It will give the illusion the whole room is full.

3.Mix Skittles, M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces – So simple, yet so cruel. If you’ve never done it, eating a Skittle and an M&M at the same time is….an acquired taste and also an unexpected one as a person throws a handful of these candies into their mouths. Apologize to your fall guy with a Crunchberry Pre-roll by Panacea.

While pranking, I like to think I am making my friends’ lives more exciting and in turn, more fully lived. Not only does cannabis have many properties that enhance creativity, but if you have stoner friends, they might not even know what day it is and will be caught that much more unaware. Stop by Have a Heart Bothell with your cannabis wish-list. Our staff is ready to help and want to hear about all your best prank ideas!

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