The Bothell Farmers Market is Back for Summer!

The Bothell Farmers Market is Back for Summer!

At Have a Heart in Bothell, we love the Bothell Farmers Market — because we can always find great fresh produce to sate the munchies!  And we also love to smoke one of our favorite strains of Washington cannabis, and then hit the farmers market to look for local ingredients to cook with. Last week, we found a flat of fresh strawberries – made pancakes, and drizzled it the stack with real maple syrup and some melted cannaghee. DELICIOUS!

If you’re looking for ways to support the local farms and makers this summer – do your shopping at the Bothell Farmers Market in the center parking lot of Country Village at 23718 Bothell Everett Highway in Bothell. Each Friday, thru September 29th, from noon to 6 p.m. – you’ll find an amazing selection of locally grown, raised, and made goods.

Plus, you’ll be helping the local economy when you put your hard-earned cash right into the hands of the folks who bring their efforts to market. The farmers market is in the same neck of the woods as Have a Heart – so you can shop at your local pot shop for the best strains of marijuana and fresh produce and other goodies all in one convenient trip around town.

Best cannabis for hitting the  Bothell Farmers Market:

Fairwinds: Recharge Ready to Mix — 10mg, $10 for a single

Add this to some fresh-squeezed juice or your morning smoothie for a great sip-on-the-go high.

Goodship: Double Fudge Brownie, 10mg for $8

Skip that chocolate donut and go straight for this cannabis-infused brownie with your morning coffee!

Ginger Jane Soda – 60mg, $21 for a single

Pop this soda in a coozie and cruise the farmers market for scratch ingredients for your supper. Plus, your people watching skills will be on point.

If you want to grab a fresh stash and be on your way quickly, be sure to order online for same day pick up.

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