Dabbing Ain’t Easy: Hardware Explained

Dabbing Ain’t Easy: Hardware Explained

You’ve walked by the case maybe a hundred times by now. You always look at it, maybe just a quick glance, maybe a longer examination before moving back to the bags of flower that you’re used to. “Next time,” you say to yourself, “next time I’m going to get some concentrate. Just as soon as I figure out how to use it.”

With dabbing, there is a bit more hardware involved than just buying a bag of weed and a blunt wrap, but with this quick guide to dabbing hardware, you will have a good primer on the kind of equipment you need to enjoy the best shatter Washington state has to offer.

The Rig

This is the glass piece that’s going to hold both the water to cool down your vapor, and the nail. Larger rigs are going to provide a smoother experience with a little less of a flavor punch, while smaller rigs might be a little more heavy on your lungs. Choose a rig that fits your lifestyle, and matches the environment in which it will be used.

The Nail

This might be your most important piece of hardware as it’s the part you heat up and use to vaporize your wax concentrates. Some people prefer titanium models, while others worry about the metal releasing toxins at the high temperatures required to vaporize the oil and instead choose a quartz model. In the end, it’s up to you, but maybe opt for titanium if you often find yourself dropping things as the quartz is easier to break.

A Heat Source

There are two ways you can go here, and again it comes down to preference and price tag. The traditional method to heat up the nail to the intense temperatures needed to vaporize the concentrates is using a butane torch. The torch provides a steady and consistent flame on your nail, allowing you to heat it evenly. Your other option is an e-nail. This allows you to keep your nail at a constant temperature supplied from either plugging into a wall outlet or using a battery pack.

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