Get High for ‘Venice is Sinking’ Near Skyway

Get High for ‘Venice is Sinking’ Near Skyway

For 10 years running, the Venice is Sinking Masquerade Ball has the reputation of being the best party in Seattle. Celebrate Italy’s Carnivale season with minstrels and musicians, circus troupe performers, aerialists and dancers. You’ll feel like you’re at a party recommended by SNL’s Weekend Update correspondent, Stefon. But before you don those decadent duds, swing by Have a Heart in Skyway to get the best weed strains for a party – and you’ll be in the right headspace for a wild night.

Cherry Pie, starts at $11/1g

Effects set in after just a couple of minutes and linger for hours. This provides a great relaxing body high with a focused and giggly cerebral high. Flavor packs a sour cherry punch that is delicious and leaves you coming back for more.

Agent Orange, starts at $12/1g

This has pungent, fresh-cut citrus in both aroma and taste. Cerebrally, focused, happy, uplifting, energetic, motivating and slightly spacey.

LA Confidential, starts at $12/1g

Piney, skunk-y, aroma and taste with fast-acting effects that are said to be psychedelic yet calming. This is a perfect strain for nighttime adventures.

Voodoo Child, starts at $15/1g

Known for a relaxing, tingly body high with soaring head effects. You’ll feel dreamy, dazed, happy, and ready for liftoff.

Alien Kush, starts at $21/3.5g

Effects touch down in the brain first, giving active, sometimes- psychedelic effects. After a short while it settles into a relaxing body buzz, leaving you content, happy, and chill.

Get your tickets now for the 10th Annual Venice is Sinking Masquerade Ball on February 18, 2017 at the Seattle Design Center. Entertainment includes aerialists pouring bubbly, acrobats, stilt walkers, dancers, burlesque, LED hula hooping, contortionists, jugglers and so much more!

Venice is Sinking is a fundraiser for; which will use proceeds from the Ball to fund the creation of a women’s coffee co-op in Cameroon, Africa.

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