Have a Heart Skyway Now Has Online Ordering

Have a Heart Skyway Now Has Online Ordering

Reserving your favorite flower, concentrates, and edibles through your phone or computer is now available at our Skyway location! No app needed! All you have to do is click on the green ‘Start Online Order’ button on the top right hand side of the menu page. Then, find the product that you are looking for, and a few steps later you can pick up your order at your convenience. It’s a great way to secure the most recent product releases from your favorite growers, extractors, and processors without having to worry about it being sold out on the first day.

Skip the waiting in line at the store, and be on your way with your weed in hand – it’s that simple. The online ordering service doesn’t cost anything to use, and you’re still going to need to bring your ID to the store to pick up your stash like you normally would. But instead of having to wait in line, you can just reply to a simple text and have it ready and waiting for you when you walk through the door.

You’ll be able to order great products like these options below, and when you get into the store, just hang a right after a quick ID check and you’ll see the online ordering window. This is where your order will be ready to pick up! It’s as easy as lighting up a pre-rolled joint. See you soon!


CBD Blue Shark – Marley’s Natural $40 for 3.5 grams

Pure Kush – Washington Bud Co. $27 for 2 grams

Tangie – Golden Tree $12 for a gram


DJ Short Blueberry – Clandestine $15 for a 2 pack

Critical Mass – Bonsai $10 for a 2 pack

White Lotus – Willie’s Reserve $12 for a single joint


Dr. Feelzgood – Loaded Soda $21 for a bottle

Peanut Butter Cups – Honu $25 for a 6 pack

Orange Tincture – Winterlife $25 for a bottle

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