Summer Jams — Three Great Weed-Themed Albums

Summer Jams — Three Great Weed-Themed Albums

Summer jams are key to enjoy the sunshine, and here at Have a Heart Skyway/Seatac, we’re all about the music. Nothing beats smoking some amazing weed, hanging out with friends and chilling out with tunes that make the whole moment come together. Creating memories is what it’s all about – and music is such an essential part of making that summer magic happen. With all that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favorite weed-themed summer tunes and the weed we like to smoke with them.

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DAMN. — Kendrick Lamar

Smoke: Face Melt, Royal Tree Gardens – 16.8% THC – starts at $16/1g

We can’t stop listening to this album. From start to finish, every track represents. And the video for DNA is dope.

Get High — Brandy Clark

Smoke: Sour Sunset Sherbet, Liberty Reach – 23.9% THC – starts at $12 for 1g

This Washington native wrote a seriously real song about getting high when you just need to get by. Perfect for a starry night of smoking weed around the campfire.

The Chronic — Dr. Dre

Smoke: Mack Daddy, Sunshine Farms – 19.1% THC — $35 for 3.5g

OK, so this is an old one. But damn, it holds up. Go old school (back to 1992) and roll a giant blunt that’ll last the whole album.

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