Nothing Better than the Real Thing: Fake Weed Sucks

Nothing Better than the Real Thing: Fake Weed Sucks

Let’s talk about fake weed, shall we? In Washington State, we’re very lucky that we have easy access to legal, recreational marijuana. Just look at Have a Heart’s menu! Our recreational pot shop sells everything from edibles, to pre-roll joints, to shatter wax and vaping cartridges. So when you’re in downtown Seattle and pondering the big question — “where’s some weed near me?” —  the answer should be pretty clear.

But sometimes, you’re far away from your favorite recreational pot shop in Belltown and find yourself with an empty pipe. You may even be — gasp! — in a place where legal weed is still a dream. Far from the doors of Have a Heart in Belltown you look for big, green 21+ signs somewhere, anywhere near you, but alas, none are to be found. Finally, in desperation, you wander into a local head shop and see under the glass some bags of what look like weed labeled “Spice,” “Bonzai,” and “K2.” It’s fake weed, and it sucks.

Fake weed has been around for years, but with the rise of state-sanctioned legal weed, more and more bags of this over-the-headshop-counter impostor are popping up in gas stations and corner stores all over the place. There’s no way to really know what’s in these bags of Fake Weed, so it’s a good idea to stay away. In comparison? Washington State knows everything about everything in Have a Heart’s pot shop.

Some users turn to synthetics because they think it won’t show up on a drug test, others live in areas where there’s no readily available access to legal marijuana dispensaries. Whatever the reason that is driving people to use these synthetic products, it’s not good enough.

At Have a Heart we proudly sell natural marijuana, and we always will. So get some real, legal marijuana at Have a Heart in Belltown today!

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