Get High and Fly: Experience Wings Over Washington

Get High and Fly: Experience Wings Over Washington

People — we are living the Golden Age. Who hasn’t spent a stoned afternoon leafing through National Geographic or watching nature documentaries? From close-ups of brilliant plumage to aerial shots of glaciers, nature photography has long provided weed enthusiasts with trippy entertainment. But the incredible technological advances of the past ten years have taken this pastime to a new level — the clarity, the detail, the ability to capture places and scenes that once existed only in our imaginations!

Which brings us to our point…Here at Have a Heart, we’re excited to check out Wings Over Washington, which promises excellent stoned entertainment. Located at Pier 57, the Wings Over Washington ride takes visitors on an aerial adventure  from the San Juan Islands to the Walla Walla Valley. According to their website: “Once you are strapped into your theater seat, you will experience an amazing journey as a ‘spirit eagle’ sweeps you upward into flight across the state of Washington.” As the floor and chairs move in tandem with the swooping visuals, you’ll have the illusion of soaring through the morning mists of the Olympic National Forest and hovering over Seattle’s Great Wheel to watch fireworks explode over Elliot Bay. Spirit eagle? Sign us up. Besides, Wings Over Washington claims to have “the most state-of-the-art theater in the world using 5K cameras; innovative art laser projection; drones for image capture; MUSHROOM VR™, and a ground-breaking surround sound system.”

For an 18-minute experience, tickets are a little steep — $17 for adults, $13 for kids, and $15 for seniors. But hey, who said spirit eagles are cheap or easy to come by? And the good news is that Wings Over Washington is located conveniently close to Have a Heart Belltown, your one stop shop for weed. From shatter to premium bud to tasty THC edibles, we have all your recreational marijuana needs locked down. So swing on by and fly high like an eagle!

Where is Wings Over Washington?

 Pier 57 – Miner’s Landing
1301 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98101 

Phone: 206-602-1808

Summer Hours for Wings Over Washington are effective 6/26/17 through Sept. 2017

Sunday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Friday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 12 a.m./midnight*

Last Ride Boards 15 minutes prior to closing time.

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