Strangest Strain Names

Strangest Strain Names

Whats in a name? Strain names help us to remember the different effects associated with each plant. For those who are sensitive to the rocket like effect that sativas provide, you may want to stay away from anything labeled with the term “Haze.” If you have work to do and it’s the middle of the day, perhaps strain names like 9lb Hammer and Daywrecker are not the best choices either. Some names are great descriptors of what the smell or high will be like, while other names are just plain crazy sounding.

Seed breeders usually use different parts of the parent’s names to pass onto the next generation of plants. For instance when DNA Genetics crossed their Chocolate Thai to their Cannalope Haze they decided to call the offspring, Chocolope! Sometimes breeders have a great sense of humor and label strains with some seriously funny or strange names. So here at Have a Heart we have compiled a list of 10 of the strangest names that we could find on the Internet, lets take a look.


Top Ten Strangest Names for Cannabis Strains


  1. Cat Piss – Clone Only
  2. Dog Shit – Clone Only
  3. Alaskan Thunderfuck – Unknown Origins
  4. Alien Asshat – Sky High Gardens
  5. Schrom – Clone Only
  6. Diamond Socks – Colorado Seed Co.
  7. Hog’s Breath – Clone Only
  8. Karma Bitch by Rare Dankness
  9. Bleeting Goat – Washingtons Finest
  10. Purple Tears by Dirt Farmer Genetics


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