Get Weed in Belltown, See Social Distortion at the Showbox

Get Weed in Belltown, See Social Distortion at the Showbox

What are you doing March 22nd? Because here’s what you should do: Get weed in Belltown and see Social Distortion at the Showbox.

Do you ever take a moment to realize how lucky we are to be in Seattle? Because at Have a Heart, we certainly do. Our location in Belltown is moments away from some of the best bars, restaurants and live show venues in the city. And because Seattle is such a draw for artists from all over the world, we tend to see some of the best acts in the business make their way through the Pacific Northwest.

One of the venues that’s just steps from Have a Heart’s door is the Showbox. Now, if you’ve never been to the Showbox, we need you to stop whatever you’re doing and go right now. It almost doesn’t matter who’s playing, almost every night of the week brings some of the best artists working today to downtown Seattle for a sizable, yet intimate space that puts you face to face with top-notch entertainment.

On Wednesday, March 22nd, The Showbox will be hosting one of the greatest bands ever to grace the stage: Social Distortion. Surprisingly, there are tickets still available, but they’re going fast, and this show is soon. And nothing goes better with live music than some excellent bud from your favorite legal, recreational pot shop in Belltown. Aren’t sure what to get? Well that’s The Story of My Life, but that’s what our well-trained staff is there for – to point you in the right direction for flower, edibles, concentrates and, perfect for concerts, vape cartridges and disposable systems.

So don’t just sit and pray in your broken down Chevrolet, let Have a Heart take away the ball and chain of not knowing what to do on Wednesday night. Grab your Lyft, Car2Go or pray for parking, head down to Belltown, stock up on the best selection and best prices on top-shelf marijuana you’ll find in Seattle, then head back to the 90s at The Showbox with Social Distortion.

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