Don’t be a Dope: Even More Pot Faux Pas to Avoid

Don’t be a Dope: Even More Pot Faux Pas to Avoid

We’re back again with another lesson in pot etiquette. It’s a new world with legal cannabis available in Washington and we, your friends at the best pot shop in Belltown, want you to enter the fray with a full education on how to enjoy marijuana, make new friends and not piss off anyone in the process. The best kind of pot smoker is the courteous kind. So whether you smoking flower, concentrates, or eating edibles, remember these tips on how to be the life of the party, without ruining it.

1. Don’t Share if You’re Sick

When the joint/bong/pipe is passed, it’s easy to simply accept it and keep it going, but before you share anything, be honest with yourself. Do you have a cold? A few extra sniffles that have been becoming more frequent? No one wants your germs, dude. If you’re not feeling well, feel free to keep that to yourself. Not everyone has healthcare and a simple cold for you could become something completely different for someone else. Not to say you can’t still hang out (as long as you’re not showing signs of the plague), but think ahead and bring your own pipe.

2. Don’t Show Up Empty-Handed

There will be times when you are watching a movie or listening to music and someone pulls out their legal cannabis.If they offer to share (and honestly, they should), remember that and be sure to return the favor in the future. Stoners may not remember where they put their keys, but they never forget when someone continuously shows up to enjoy fine marijuana without adding to the community bowl.

3. No Peer Pressure
You’re in the middle of a pretty good smoking session with a bunch of friends, then one person decides they are “all good.” This is not the time to say things to disparage the person calling it quits. While it can be fun to goad your friends, everyone has their limit and it should be respected. If you wanna smoke until you are 100% couch-locked, that’s on you.

Happy smoking — and make sure to check out our online menu!

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