Marijuana Industry Will Create More Jobs Than Manufacturing by 2020

Marijuana Industry Will Create More Jobs Than Manufacturing by 2020

According to a recent article in Forbes, the legal marijuana industry will create over a quarter of a million jobs by 2020. At Have a Heart we’re totally excited about the future of the industry. In fact, we’re hiring! Have a Heart is opening a number of stores in Washington State over the next few months, and we’re looking for motivated, talented employees to help us serve our customers and our team. If you’re knowledgeable about cannabis, from strains to edibles, dabbing supplies, vape cartridges and topicals – we want to talk to you.

From Forbes:

“These numbers confirm that cannabis is a major economic driver and job-creation engine for the U.S. economy,” said Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, Founder and CEO of New Frontier Data. “While we see a potential drop in total number of U.S. jobs created in 2017, as reported by Kiplinger, as well as an overall expected drop in GDP growth, the cannabis industry continues to be a positive contributing factor to growth at a time of potential decline. We expect the cannabis industry’s growth to be slowed down to some degree in the next three to five years, however with projected total market sales to exceed $24 billion by 2025, and the possibility of almost 300,000 jobs by 2020, it remains a positive economic force in the U.S.”

Before you sit down to get that resume ready and write your cover letter, toke up with a few of our favorite strains for creativity and focus.


This sativa can help get your through those tasks that might otherwise be a drag. Provides uplifting focus for most, but use caution if you’re prone to anxiety – this strain can turn that up for some folks.

  • Cinex, Clandestine – 18.8% THC – starts at $15 for 1g
  • Cinex, Golden Tree – 16.9% THC – starts at $12 for 1g


This hybrid provides a calming focus perfect for getting things done at a manageable pace. With a bit of a euphoric start, the high settles into a mellow, full-body experience that helps get your creative juices flowing.

  • Blackberry Headband, Noble Farms – 18.8% THC — $40 for 3.5g
  • Headband, Orgrow – 16.9% THC — $10 for 1g

Ready to get stuff done? Stop by Have a Heart in Belltown, or order online for same day pick up at Seattle’s best downtown pot shot. We’re open from 8 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. every day!

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