It’s Time to Be Responsible at Weed Events

It’s Time to Be Responsible at Weed Events

We made it! Cannabis has been legalized, and now you can Start your Adventure with a tremendous selection of flower, edibles, prerolls, and more at Have a Heart Belltown — right next to Piece of Mind and the Cookies Store. With all this freedom to buy legal weed comes great responsibility. The government is still not 100% behind the idea that cannabis is safe to consume, so we have to continue to show them that we are professionals, mothers, fathers, and regular people who just like to consume cannabis as a way to enjoy our lives. So, when it comes to cannabis related events, we need to make sure that we are working in compliance with the laws while also enjoying them.

Photo by Danielle Halle

Seattle holds and has held some world-renowned cannabis related events over the years such as Hempfest, High Times Cannabis Cup, CannaCon, and the Cannabis Grand Cru.  Some of these events like CannaCon are oriented more towards its-time-be-responsible-weed-events_2professionals. Others like Hempfest, which promotes cannabis advocacy through freedom of speech and celebrates the culture of cannabis, is more of a festival-like event for all.



One of the largest issues that events like Hempfest have to worry about is property damage and litter at Myrtle Edwards Park, where the event is held.  Making sure that none of the art installations in the park are damaged or covered with graffiti and stickers takes a lot of time and money to prepare for before and after the event.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun at the event, it just means that we have to be considerate and not damage or deface art and park property. It would be really great if the Legislature allowed for smoking lounges so that we can have a place to enjoy our recently purchased legal cannabis. For now, we have to work with what we are given and do the best to show them and convince them that cannabis consumers are respectable contributors to the community.

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