Seattle Weed Church — When Will it Happen?

Seattle Weed Church — When Will it Happen?

Looking for a 420-friendly, non-denominational way to celebrate your faith in Seattle? Us too. And while there are no brick and mortar spots to congregate (yet), the closest thing we’ve found is Heaven Bound 420 Cannabis Ministry, which claims to be Seattle’s first non-denominational of its kind. Before you hit up their events on Facebook for a seminar-style sermon, swing by Have a Heart at 115 Blanchard Street in Belltown to stock up on the holy herb. You can even order online for pick up before “church” – we’re open from 8am to 11:45pm every day!

Our favorite weed for reaching enlightenment:

  • Jesus Solstice Tradition – 26.1% THC – starts at $14 for 1g
  • God’s Gift Firebros – 17.9% THC – starts at $33 for 2g
  • Critical Cure Marley Natural – 9.6% THC, 12.8% CBD – starts at $40 for 3.5g
  • Golden Ticket Liberty Reach – 19.0% THC – starts at $12 for 1g
  • Appalachian Power Soulshine – 18.3% THC – starts at $12 for 1g
  • Tutankhamon Origin – 20.9% THC – starts at $16 for 1g

From the Heaven Bound 420 Facebook page:

“Heaven Bound 420 Cannabis Ministry is Seattle’s 1st non-denominational of its kind. Adults 21+ of diverse faiths are welcome. God blessed us with Holy Cannabis Herb to spiritually unite us with him/her & so we can congregate in communion with each other. We partake in holy herb to reach enlightenment. We embrace the arts through ceremonial jam circles to celebrate the wonderful life God gave us. We preach by loving our non-cannabis neighboring community with active outreach programs. We learn and grow through motivational seminar style sermons… All this for FREE.” 

Visit Heaven Bound 420 Cannabis Ministry on facebook.

If you’re looking for a different kind of “church” – where the best strains for dabbing, vaping and toking are welcome – check out the 420-friendly groups on Meetup. You can find like-minded activity buds in groups like Seattle Vegan Stoners, Baked Boardgames, 420 Friendly Moms, Swole Geeky Nerds, and Cannabis Consciouness Seattle.

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