Pets and Cannabis: Vets and Animal Lovers Turning to CBD for Safe Pain Relief

Pets and Cannabis: Vets and Animal Lovers Turning to CBD for Safe Pain Relief

Cannabis is still a hot-button issue in this country (even if a clear majority of Americans support its decriminalization). But what if we change the topic from cannabis for people to cannabis for pets? Surprisingly, the picture starts to look pretty darn clear: CBD oil for pets can be an effective option for pain and anxiety relief.

Earlier this year, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA)—the pre-eminent veterinarians’ group in the U.S.—approved a resolution to begin advocating for federal rescheduling. They argued that cannabis’ therapeutic effects on both humans and animals far outweigh its risks.

Along those lines, growing numbers of veterinarian and clinician groups have called to reclassify cannabis as a Schedule II drug. If that happens, it would open the door to more research funding and more impactful findings.

So, why should we give our pets cannabis in the first place? And what kind is safe? Read on, animal lovers!

CBD Oil For Pets

If you’re in a cannabis-legal state, maybe you’ve seen advertisements for “CBD Oil For Pets” in local pet shops. That’s because CBD—or cannabidiol—is non-psychoactive, so pet stores can sell it without being licensed dispensaries.

CBD is recognized for a long list of therapeutic qualities. It reduces pain, inflammation, and anxiety, it’s an antioxidant, and it even helps fight certain cancers. Of course, pets suffer from these conditions just like we do, and some owners have been treating their pets with cannabis for years. Using CBD oil for pets is especially popular around challenging times of the year like July 4th, when America’s love affair with explosions takes a real emotional toll on our dogs and cats.

Outside of summer’s most popular holiday, CBD can help with achy joints, loss of appetite, anxiety. If you’ve ever had to clip your pet’s nails or give them a bath, that could be a relief– especially for older pets.

How to Choose the Right Cannabis for your Pet

Not every kind of cannabis is right for pets. We might imagine that pets would enjoy the relaxing psychoactivity provided by THC, the dominant cannabinoid in marijuana. But, in reality, pets often find the experience confusing– even terrifying. So, stick with CBD for the safest, gentlest, and most respectful treatment for your pet.

Cannabis for pets is typically administered in infused edibles such as biscuits and crackers. Even though those cannabis-infused brownies may look yummy to you, remember that pets shouldn’t eat sweets, particularly those containing chocolate! And obviously, products advertised as CBD oil for pets are tailor-made for animal consumption.

We recommend consulting with a veterinarian or reputable pet shop staffer regarding dosage. Remember that most pets are a fraction of our body weight and will require very small doses of cannabis compared with their human companions!

The Future of Cannabis Pet Treatments

The AVMA’s resolution is great news for pets and their owners. As research continues to unlock the secrets of cannabis’ medical potential, expect to see this knowledge benefit your own furry friend. Colorado State University recently solicited pets for clinical trials on the efficacy of cannabis for treating epilepsy and osteoarthritis in dogs. Who knows? Your pet could go down in history as a real medical pioneer!

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