Here are Three Featured CBD Products You Have to Try

Here are Three Featured CBD Products You Have to Try

Here at Have a Heart Bothell we want to make your transition into winter as painless as possible. And what kills pain of winter? Quality CBD cannabis products, of course! Here at your favorite Seattle-area pot shop, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of CBD-infused delights, including cannabis chewies, mints, dark chocolates, CBD indica pre-rolls from Evergreen Herbal, WAM oil, and of course kind flower. New to CBD or looking for a new product? Here’s three of our recent favorites…

Chai High Tea

With storms on the horizon, it’s time to stock up on CBD-infused tea and cozy down. One of our favorite products is the Chai High Tea from Evergreen Herbal. This lifesaver contains a delicious blend of organic South African Rooibos, cinnamon, cadamon, black peppercorn, ginger root, cannabis oil, and cloves. Yes, please!

Potionz Lotionz CBD Oil

If you want to take that relaxation one step further, there’s nothing like a CBD topical–especially if you can con someone into giving you a massage. Here at Bothell’s best pot shop, we have a wide selection of premium cannabis topicals. Right now we’re loving Potionz Lotionz CBD, which delivers 45.1 % CBD and 5 % THC in silky food-grade coconut oil. Because it’s so heavy on the CBD, this lotion will leave you deeply relaxed and totally functional. Now that’s our kind of moisturizer!

Avitas Blue Dynamite CBD Cartridges

When it comes to vape products, we’re loving the Blue Dynamite CBD cartridges from Avitas. These glass cartridges offer smooth delivery of this powerful indica-dominant strain, which is known as a focused weapon to combat nausea, pain, anxiety, and insomnia. This blend offers a whopping 51.2% CBD, which is nicely balanced by 30.7 THC to create a cozy, fuzzy high that will surely make you forget your winter blues. In fact, we’re feeling more relaxed just contemplating it.



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