How to Keep Your Place from Smelling Like Weed

How to Keep Your Place from Smelling Like Weed

Not sure if your place smells like weed? Try this: Go outside, and run up and down some stairs – or around the block. Then, re-enter your place and take a big sniff.

Getting the blood pumping is how professional “sniffers” reset their noses when testing perfumes, coffee and other things that require an on-point sense of smell. If you’re a regular weed smoker, you’ve probably gone nose blind to the smell of your own house – and airing out the weed smell every now and again is a sure sign that you’ve graduated to adulthood. But how do you keep your place from smelling like weed in the first place? Have a Heart has some suggestions.

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Place from Smelling Like Weed

  1. Keep your stash in a tightly sealed container. This will not only preserve the freshness of your weed, it’ll also help keep the smell contained. Bothell’s best pot shop has a great selection of the best marijuana storage containers.
  2. Check out your airflow. If you’ve got central AC, you may want to alternate it with using a window fan to help pull smoke out of your place while rotating fresh air into it.
  3. Blow your smoke into a filter. These are great for apartment living where the whole building shares an air circulation system.
  4. Invest in an air purifier or try some all-natural odor eliminating products like activated charcoal, or a spray with odor-eating enzymes.
  5. Switch to vaping! Vaporizer pens deliver cannabinoids directly to the brain without carcinogens or a smell that lingers – they’re the perfect option for people who don’t enjoy smoking, or the smells that go along with it.

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