How to Choose a Medical Cannabis Dispensary

How to Choose a Medical Cannabis Dispensary

With the wave of legalization taking place across America, many new cannabis businesses are popping up wherever the sale of the plant has been unrestricted. For inexperienced consumers, it can be difficult to choose a reliable dispensary — especially when so many of the available options attempt to cheat customers by lying about things like the quality and quantity of their bud. Here are a few tips to help you decide where to go the next time you Google medical dispensary near me.


Typically, it’s a good idea to do some research on any dispensary you want to visit before actually making the trip. This will save you the hassle of several bad experiences and allow you to quickly identify the “best medical dispensary near me.” A simple Google search will reveal all you need to know: for example, if you live in Seattle, Washington, you should search “medical dispensary near Seattle” or “medical dispensary near me” with their location detected by Google.

Browsing through the results, you will be able to find several dispensaries with copious amounts of reviews from other customers. The more positive reviews, the better. Dispensaries with few or negative reviews are probably not worth your time, especially if they’ve left customers so dissatisfied that they took the time to write a review. Sometimes dispensaries will impersonate real customers to make themselves look better in their search results, so always remember to be thorough in learning about a dispensary you’re interested in before deciding to spend your money.

Cannabis Deals

A new customer to a dispensary should always ask about their cannabis deals, as the discounts can be great depending on which dispensary you choose. Many, like Have a Heart, will have specials: “daily deal” specials, “vendor day” specials when local vendors visit in-store, and special holiday deals.

Quality, Quantity, and Pricing

There are dispensaries that will try to pull the wool over your eyes by either skimping on your order or lying about the quality of their bud, so you should watch out for indicators of this in any reviews you read. Any time I’m looking for a new medical dispensary near me, reviews are the first thing I look at. Reviews that mention dry or ineffective marijuana mean you should probably pass on that specific dispensary.

Likewise, if customers are complaining that the eighth they ordered actually seems like two grams, that’s a red flag. All of this especially applies to delivery services, which often take advantage of the customer not being able to see their order until it’s actually in their hands.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, take note of the prices the dispensary is offering. Dispensaries don’t have to lie to cheat you; if they expect you to pay 25 dollars for a gram, you should take your money elsewhere. Just like shady dealers, some dispensaries attempt to profit off the ignorance of new cannabis consumers, so doing your research ahead of time will always make sure you come out on top.

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