Have a Heart’s Three Must-Hit Pike Place Market Spots

Have a Heart’s Three Must-Hit Pike Place Market Spots

Visiting Seattle? Looking for a few to-dos and the weed to do them with? Have a Heart in Belltown has an amazing selection of recreational marijuana – from the best strains in Washington State to tasty edibles of varying strengths – so you can dial in the perfect high for exploring. Plus, you can order online for same day pick up. Located at 115 Blanchard Street, Have a Heart is a recreational and medical marijuana shop near Pike Place Market, the Olympic Sculpture Park and, it’s just a 15-minute walk from the Seattle Ferry Terminal and the Space Needle.

Since 1971, people have been lining up at The Original Starbucks to get their coffee fix before exploring Pike Place Market.

These recreational cannabis edibles go great with coffee:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie, 10mg – Winterlife – $5 single
  • Caramel Espresso Brownie, 20mg – Zoots – $10 single
  • Hybrid Peanut Butter Bar, 10mg – Green Labs— $8 single
  • Snickerdoodle Cookie, 10mg – Goodship — $8 single

Once you’ve got your coffee and cannabis high going, you can spend hours visiting the shops on each floor of the Pike’s Place Market – or just sit and watch the fish fly. Then, when the munchies kick in be sure to head to Piroshki Piroshki or The Athenian to refuel.

If you’re looking for recreational cannabis options you can use discreetly as you hit all the tourist spots – give tinctures a try. Just a few squirts under the tongue and you’ll be maintaining that perfect vibe all day.

A few of our favorite recreational marijuana tinctures:

  • Happiest Self Spray Tincture, 100mg – Ethos Extracts — $30 single
  • Indica Tincture, 100mg – Absolute Oils — $40 single
  • Orange Tincture, 100mg – Winterlife — $25 single
  • Sativa Tincture, 100mg – Absolute Oils — $40 single

If you prefer the high from smoking recreational cannabis, pick up a few pre-rolled joints to keep on hand for your travels – or browse our entire menu of the best strains of recreational marijuana in the Pacific Northwest and order online for same day pick up.

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