More Than Sandals and Tie-Die — Weed Clothing Brands We Love

More Than Sandals and Tie-Die — Weed Clothing Brands We Love

At Have a Heart Belltown we understand how important it is to let your freak flag fly. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new 420-friendly clothing and accessories to help us show our cannabis love loud and proud, but with style. Plus, spending a few hours getting high and shopping online is an easy way to kill time while you’re waiting on the cable repairperson. And, you can order marijuana online for same day pick up while you’re at it!

Here are a few of our favorite sites for 420-friendly clothing and accessories:


HUF looks to classic American craftsmanship, timeless vintage design, and an appreciation for fine-and-functional modern detail to produce quality goods that incorporate the past and present to create the future. Check out their 420 Plantlife collection here.

Accompanied by casual graphics and slogans, HUF offers a unique range that reflects sophistication while simultaneously incorporating that certain nonchalance so commonly associated with skateboarders and artists alike.

Free shipping on US orders over $75, and $20 flat-rate shipping for international orders.

Blunted Objects

Blunted Objects is all about the counterculture surrounding the stylish and high-minded individuals of the cannabis community. Shop their collection here.

The company was born out of a need for an increased refinement to accommodate the new class of sophistication emerging within smoking culture. Contemporary stoners felt misrepresented with an overabundance of tacky, overplayed symbols of cannabis culture and looked for inspiration beyond neon green leaves and rasta-colored peace signs. They were crudely given an ultimatum between promoting an outdated portrayal of the community or not at all.

Determined to bridge the gap between upscale fashion and the present-day stoner, Blunted Objects began exploring novel approaches to speaking for the fly and polished community of the heavenly herb. The result was a distinctive jewelry line with the signature leaf aesthetic, all with a bhang.

Miss Mary Jane Co.

Miss Mary Jane Co. was started in 2013 by Madison (Miss Mary Jane) in Denver Colorado. Madison wanted to create a brand that she and other like-minded ladies could identify with. So she decided to design and produce clothing to show off her enthusiasm towards cannabis. Along the way Madison began curating glass pipes and other girly smoking accessories for the Miss Mary Jane Co. brand. Miss Mary Jane Co. aims to empower women who love cannabis to Look Good and Smoke Good!

Follow one of their social media pages for a 10% of coupon to use at anytime!


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