Weed for Grandma — Strains that Your Granny Will Love

Weed for Grandma — Strains that Your Granny Will Love

Looking for some weed for grandma to toke up? Have a Heart in Bothell has a great selection of pot – for every age group! So whether your granny would like to try edibles, experiment with topicals, try out a concentrate or pack a bowl in that bong she’s had since the 60s, Bothell’s best pot shop can help seniors find the best weed for their lifestyle.

Best Marijuana Topicals for Seniors

  • Canis Soothing Liniment Roll On – 1.2% THC — $25 for 1.7oz
  • Canis Soothing Soak – 1.2% THC — $25 for 16oz
  • Essential Salve – 0.6% THC, 1.2% CBD — $35 for 1oz, $60 for 2oz
  • Mary’s Sativa Gel Pen – 13.7% THC – $55 for .2g
  • Muscle Melt Heating Rub – 26.7% THC, 2.3% CBD — $25 for 2oz

Best Pot Strains for Seniors

Harlequin from Washington Bud Company – 13.1% THC, 9.6% CBD – starts at $30 for 2g

Seniors can depend on Harlequin to provide clear-headed, alert sativa effects. Flavors can range from earthy musk to sweet mango, and while those flavors might not conjure up grandma’s cooking, they’re totally tasty.

Yummy CBD Trim from Dream City – 5.7% THC, 14.4% CBD – starts at $25 for 7g

Yummy’s potent effects settle heavily throughout the body, and while your mind may feel relaxed, it won’t necessarily feel asleep. This high-THC strain can will be a total hit at the senior center bingo blowout.

White Widow from Phat Panda – 11.7% THC, 11.2% CBD – starts at $15 for 1g

For a burst of energy that inspires conversation and creativity – this is the perfect strain for your granny to offer up when she has her friends over for a cutthroat game of Bridge. With citrus notes, the high gradually settles into full-body relaxation.

And when it comes to edibles, we’ve got a huge selection – browse our online menu of edibles. You can even order online for same-day pick up!

Want more recommendations for the best weed for seniors? Stop by Have a Heart at 22624 Meridian Ave South and ask our helpful staff for suggestions.



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  1. Where in Pacific, Grays Harbor, or Lewis County can I buy the Canis liniment?


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