High Hands: These People Roll Insane Joints

High Hands: These People Roll Insane Joints

Rolling a joint is like driving stick, shooting pool, frying an egg, and tying your own shoelaces: in other words, a skill every self-respecting person should master. But hey, some of my best friends can’t roll a joint to save their lives, so I’m not going to judge you. But I do have one word for you: YouTube.

All you have to do is buy an ounce, get online, and devote some time. (If you’re looking to buy said weed in Skyway or Seatac, look no further than Have a Heart. You can check out our online menu for a full selection of strains.) You’ll be rolling a joint shaped like an AK-47 in no time…

Whether you fall into the “just learning” camp or the master class, the following videos will be of some interest to you.

Let’s start with the basics:

If your philosophy is “good big or go home,” you might want to check out this video that demonstrates how to roll a one ounce joint:

Or you could get more creative and roll a double-barreled joint:

If you’re starting to feel out of your league, don’t despair. In this video, famous “joint specialist” Tony Greenhand admits that he too once rolled shitty joints. Then he goes on to roll joints shaped like scorpions, tacos, and a life-sized watermelon. So you see there’s hope for you too!

Speaking of joints that are shaped like Mike Tyson eating an avocado, you might want to check this out too:

Dude, anything is possible! Though if you’re intimidated, you could always just go to an old reliable implement. But please, make sure to clean out your bong first. 

This motivational message brought to you by your favorite Seattle-area pot shops… Pop in to Have a Heart for your most essential joint ingredient.

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