Tips on Topical Cannabis — Best Practices for a Great Body High

Tips on Topical Cannabis — Best Practices for a Great Body High

Topical cannabis is great, and comes in the form of cannabis-infused penetrating creams, oils or salves, which are applied directly to the skin. These don’t produce psychoactive effects.

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Tips for Maximizing Effectiveness of Topical Cannabis

  1. Always put topical marijuana on clean skin.
  2. Never apply right before you shower, get sweaty, or go swimming.
  3. Review the label for information about the appropriate amount of product to use for your condition.

A Few of Our Favorite Topical Marijuana Products

  • Honu: Body Butter – 286% THC, 1.7% CBD — $30 for 2oz
  • Ethos Extracts: Body Buzz – 0.2% THC — $25 for 4oz
  • NW Cannabis Solutions: CBD Lotionz 200mg Potionz – 42.6% THC, 40.8% CBD — $45
  • Circanna: Mary’s CBD Gel Pen 100mg – 1.2% THC, 17.5% CBD — $65
  • Sticky Budz: Relax Cream – 73.4% THC, 0.9% CBD — $30 for 2oz
  • Groovy Greens: The Mega Bomb 1000mg – 868% THC, 92.8% CBD — $12 for 2.1oz

Best Cannabis Lubes and Sensual Oils

  • Botanica Seattle: Bond Sensual Oil – 17.1% THC — $12 for 14mg
  • Botanica Seattle: Bond Sensual Oil – 155.4% THC — $40 for 150mg
  • Fairwinds: Personal O Lube – 2.7% THC, 33.4% CBD — $50 for .7oz
  • Fairwinds: Topical Flow Gel – 0.9% THC, 65.2% CBD — $45 for 1oz

Stop by Have a Heart in Skyway/Seatac for more topical marijuana recommendations from our staff. Or, browse all of our topical cannabis products here.

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